Information and photos for Agistri


agistriAn island of great beauty, right across Aegina, with a tract of 14 kms, which is found within the crystal blue waters of Argosaronikos. just 55 minutes away from Piraeus, everyday there are frequent itineraries to transfer you to and from the island by flying dolphins as well as by Ferry Boats for those who believe that the car is indispensable for them. The island is also connected to Aegina with a modern speedboat which is in fact a team effort of the residents of the island.

Super-market, commercial shops, ovens, bank, telephone service, drugstore and medical centre, contribute to the comfortable and modern stay of visitors of the island. Concerning your amusement, marine sports and all kinds of music places are waiting you for entertainment up to the morning. For your transport from one place to another, rented bicycles and bikes are in your disposal, while a taxi and a bus are ready to transport you in the beautiful places of the island. Finally the organised tourist offices, the police, the harbour police, our municipality, as well as all the residents, are happy to serve you so that when the time of your departure comes, leaving from here, we will renew our appointment for the next summertime.

Megalohori (Milos): The capital of the island, was from the ancientest years the centre of operations of boats and the point of supply. Blue, crystal waters between natural gulves create grittiness regions for the bathers. Traditional tile-floor paths, traditional cafes, aged figures with local costumes and the unique windmill, contribute to their existence in the lively history of place. Houses made from Stone, white terraces, tiled-roofs, cottage-spoon ovens, cleared up courtyards, are meeting the ultramodern hotel units. The Cafe-bar, ouzo selling restaurant, restaurants and Night Club wait for entertaining and serve you in the best way.

Beyond and above the Megalohori, in the piny forest, the church of Agion Panton stands there in the passage of years and calls the visitor to learn the roots of the island, the Kantounti, which means "the old village", that has remained from the ancienter settlement of Agistri. Leaving from the Megalohori's westwards, is found a breathtaking landscape that combines in absolute harmony green of pine with deep blue sea. Trees that with the pass of time ageing in the sea and embrace almost waters and the ships in the old careenage reveal the hundreds years that are found there. The recently asphalt roadway road network leads us more westwards of the island there that the plates write Dragonera. Apart from the unique canteen that exists here all the rest have remained untouched. Crystal waters, natural coasts, pines up to the sea, quietness is only a part of offer of wealth that gives us the nature generously. And the road continues to the southerners, ascends-descends and reaches in a clearing, an oasis full of history for the elder and optical magic for the visitors. This is the Polemi with the old church of Agia Barbara that had the chance to be consecrated by Agjos Nektarios.



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