Beaches in Agistri with photos


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megalohori thumb Megalohori: Megalohori (or Milos) has very nice beaches with pebbles or sand. Nearest to the port is pebbly, and if you go further (to Skala) will find a more organized one, with sun beds and possibility to order your coffee.
skala thumb Skala: Skala is the most cosmopolitan beach. It is only 100m. from the port but the water is not affected in any way. The sea is shallow and you have to walk enough to go deep, and that is why it is ideal for families with young children.
halikiada thumb Halikiada: Previously it was only nudist beach. In order to go to the beach you should go from Skala to Skliri. Then you follow the path (on foot) through pines. Approximately 600m. further you will reach the edge of the path where if you look down you will see a beautiful beach in a blue bay. To go down at the beach, great care is needed because access is difficult, but those who go down, will be rewarded!
dragonera thumb Dragonera: To get to Dragonera, follow the route Megalochori-Limenaria. In the middle, you will see a sign "Dragonera" (right). The road passes through dense forest and you will see that the trees stop just before the sea. The waters are crystal clear and the harmony of pine and sea offers a relaxing environment. The beach is pebbly and has sun beds as well as a canteen where you'll find everything from coffee to souvlaki!
aponisos thumb Aponisos: To get to Aponisos, keep on right after the main square in Limenaria. This beach is also surrounded by pines, while the waters are crystal clear. The beach is ideal for relaxation and romantic walks, and the location gives an exotic impression to the visitors. There, you will find a traditional island tavern where you can enjoy fresh seafood and ouzo.
mariza thumb

Mariza: It is a rocky beach, about 300m. from Limenaria (after the main square, turn left), surrounded by pine trees. The water is deep so it's a good chance to swim around and play.